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View Diary: AK-Sen, AK-AL: Tightening up (54 comments)

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  •  What is wrong with Alaska? (0+ / 0-)

    I know that it's full of single men who spend a lot of time in doors alone, but really...

    When do they clean the snow away from their eyes so they can see what is going on?  Or are they all separationists?

    •  Politics in Alaska. (2+ / 0-)
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      Crazy like a fox, Murdershewrote

      Alaska is a great state! I've lived up here since 1980. My first 20 years were spent to a large part, boat building, commercial fishing and exploring the huge state with a vast coast line. Lots of down time healing from physical trauma of living on the edge.  

      Fishing politics always seemed to take center stage over national politics. The subsistence lifestyle keeps us active and living in the present in are smaller towns.

      The Oil and Gas men controlled allot of are state politics. Fisherman are very  independent and like the freedom that we have in Alaska.

      My political activism  started after the big spill. I help start the Green party in Homer, and helped bring about, "solutions for coastal pollution's".

      Then the divorce, giving the first house away, building another house, battle for equal rights for my son, another out of state custody battle, becoming a single parent, no heath care, typical teen age drama's.....ext.. Its hard to fallow what's been going on at the national level. My personal mental health was challenges for years.

      Trying to stay balanced in body mind and spirit.

      In the past, I've been more into catching up on the international soccer scene, working on my german sport cars, and teaching manny skills too my son. Now that I found Daily Kos, I can hardly go a day with out trying to read everything on this Blog. Now I call myself a liberal.  I never did fit in with most of the right wing nuts in the commercial fishing community. I'm more into ocean and atmosphere protection/research.  

      Winter is coming and I have to get some firewood stored and plenty of other outside projects before the landscape is  white, and the winter storms blast are coastline.

      If Obama doesn't win......, its going to be very hard for me spend another  winter up north. Its just too dark and cold with out having hope for the usa and the world.  

      •  Politics in Alaska (1+ / 0-)
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        I help start the Green party in Homer, and helped bring about, "solutions for coastal pollution's".

        I lived in Homer from '90 to '91, working for the Homer News. I registered Green in Homer for the sole purpose of helping make that party an officially recognized political party. (There had to be a sufficient and particular number of registered members to bring that about.)

        Thanks for your efforts, and go throw a rock off the end of the Spit for me, wouldya?


        •  Throwing rocks. (1+ / 0-)
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          Right on Steve.

          Helping to get the green party started was very emotional for me. I was so pissed off after the spill....... Heart broken. I tried to start non-profit called, " Balance of the Sea."  I wanted to build a Environment Resource Vessel. (ERV) You know, a vessel to share pollution technology, demonstrate and teach renewable energy, and connect sea weed organizations.  Become the eye's and the ears for sea people. The vessel would be a teaching and training tool.

          I'm very happy that we got the very first green party started in the nation. We got are 3% of all the Alaskan voters, and we were the first state to have a green party.

          Now I feel kind of bad because the demarcate Tony Knolls lost his election at the time because the Green party got some of his votes.

          kind regards,


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