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    I help start the Green party in Homer, and helped bring about, "solutions for coastal pollution's".

    I lived in Homer from '90 to '91, working for the Homer News. I registered Green in Homer for the sole purpose of helping make that party an officially recognized political party. (There had to be a sufficient and particular number of registered members to bring that about.)

    Thanks for your efforts, and go throw a rock off the end of the Spit for me, wouldya?


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      Right on Steve.

      Helping to get the green party started was very emotional for me. I was so pissed off after the spill....... Heart broken. I tried to start non-profit called, " Balance of the Sea."  I wanted to build a Environment Resource Vessel. (ERV) You know, a vessel to share pollution technology, demonstrate and teach renewable energy, and connect sea weed organizations.  Become the eye's and the ears for sea people. The vessel would be a teaching and training tool.

      I'm very happy that we got the very first green party started in the nation. We got are 3% of all the Alaskan voters, and we were the first state to have a green party.

      Now I feel kind of bad because the demarcate Tony Knolls lost his election at the time because the Green party got some of his votes.

      kind regards,


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