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View Diary: Charge For First Dudes Ak. Gov. Emails?  $15Mil! (22 comments)

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  •  I'm an attorney and I call bullshit- (5+ / 0-)

    No email to or from Todd- unless it's to or from Sarah ONLY- could even qualify for redacting. Todd's got no damned "privilege" except maybe a spousal one.  Ditto Sarah, although she could claim some executive privilege with her atty general or maybe cabinet people, BUT if Todd or Chuck or any other mere yahoo crony is an addressee or copied on that email, any claim of privilege won't even get a second look. Once she's waived it by sharing it with daddy Chuck or sister Lisa, it's just not privileged anymore. These privileges cannot be selectively waived.  From what I've seen of the screen grabs and the emails sought, it looks like at least 80-90% are just unprotectable because of the mish-mash of people to whom they were sent.
    Oh, they've still got the 5th Amendment Privilege against self-incrimination going forward, and I dearly hope to hear them claim it, but without a time machine it doesn't save the emails.

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