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View Diary: Shit don't stick to a Rolling Stone: Obama Interview in Rolling Stone (32 comments)

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  •  Okay, fair enough. (0+ / 0-)

    I think we just have different approaches to the same problem. I am trying to say that we need to focus on winning, not on how we might lose.

    •  Oh no (1+ / 0-)
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      Me either!

      Take a look at what I wrote again. I was making suggestions for things we need to do to ensure his victory.

      Only at the end do I have say what to do if he loses.

    •  In the first place, I'm not going to judge (0+ / 0-)

      Kennedy's credibility w/ re voter fraud based on his stance on vaccination and autism.

      Secondly, no one is saying we should not focus on WINNING, it's what we're doing. What I'm saying is that in order to win, we have got to be ahead of this game (and I think that's what Kennedy's saying, also what Obama's saying):

      Palast is annoying. I'm listening to the interview right now. Kennedy's speaking in a calm, cool, composed manner, outlining the facts, Palast--predictably--interrupting him and getting hysterical.

      From the Interview at Huff Post--nothing new to any of us here, but maybe something that can be spread to the MS:

      Voter fraud doesn’t exist.  Basically “voter fraud” is a Republican phantom that is .... allegedly, there are large numbers of people in this country (5 million) who, according to Karl Rove and his acolytes, are going to try and vote twice.

      Scare-mongering about voter fraud has allowed Republicans to pass legislation in many states and also federal regulation--called the Help America Vote Act—that is designed to protect against voter fraud.

      We know that voter fraud doesn’t exist because there’s only been 26 cases of voter fraud among hundreds of millions of voters who’ve voted in the last decade. It’s just Republicans have seized on this in order to erect all kinds of obstacles and impediments that essentially mimic the old poll taxes that were used in the southern states during the  Jim Crow period to keep Black people from voting. Today they’re directed towards suppressing the votes not only Blacks, Hispanics, of American Indians, young people, senior citizens—in other words, of Democratic-stronghold voters. And in the last election, 2004 election, about a million African Americans voters had their votes thrown out, and about 2 million other Democratic voters.  This election we’re looking at much more sophisticated attempts to get rid of those voters. A lot of voting rights activists have focused  on the facility with which the voting machines that were also a requirement of the HAVA can be hacked, but in fact the worst misuse by the Republicans is going to be done through another, through a whole arsenal of 20 or 30 methods that Republican operatives on the ground will use 1) to discourage people from registering,  2) discourage them or impede them from voting once they’ve registered and 3) to stop them from having their votes counted after they’ve voted, and each one of those areas has its own quiver of weapons that the Republicans are very, very practiced in utilizing. I will give you a couple of examples, but  one of the newest attacks has been on people who have foreclosed homes. Republicans in Michigan, head of the Republican party, has announced that he is going to target people whose homes are in foreclosure. These people no longer have the address that they put on their registration so when they come to vote, they’re going to be challenged. Presumably a lot of those people these days are Democrats, even if they started out as Republicans.

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