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View Diary: Equality for All: There's still Hell to Pay (80 comments)

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    These right-wing whack-jobs have to be defeated on the 4th!
    Here's an idea that my sister threw out there that I thought was pretty good:
    You get some mailing labels (the big, adhesive rectangular ones), you get a sharpee, and you keep them in your car. Then, when you see a parked car with a "Yes On 8: Save The Familliy" bumpersticker, you write on said mailing label "I am a homophobe" and stick it next to their "Yes on 8" sticker.

    I mean, the hope is that they drive around a few days and when they finally notice it, or one of their friends points it out to them, it will give them enough pause to maybe think ..."Hey. You know, maybe I really am homophobic..."

    This works for many, many other issues as well.

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