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View Diary: Factchecking the lies about ACORN (115 comments)

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  •  Reminds me of Homer. (6+ / 0-)

    Simpson, that is:

    "It takes two people to lie, Marge. One to lie, and the other to listen."

    Individuals lied to ACORN by filling in bogus forms, and now it's ACORN that's doing the lying? I don't think so.

    They have to take some responsibility, of course, but come on - the isolated individuals are the real liars.

    John McCain: Getting Terrorists off America's Lawn since 1880

    by pat208 on Mon Oct 20, 2008 at 09:57:27 AM PDT

    •  You're right--and ACORN *did* take responsibility (2+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      pat208, Leap Year

      by flagging the questionable forms and alerting the registrar of voters, as they are legally bound to do.  The voter registration officials, who were politically motivated, then "leaked" this fake "scandal" to the press to discredit ACORN.  Disgusting.

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