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View Diary: How YOU can defeat Prop 8 and preserve marriage equality. (59 comments)

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  •  Just out of curiousity when did the government (0+ / 0-)

    get into the marriage business?  I have come to believe that no one should be able to be "married" by the state.  It should all(heter and homo alike) be covered by a civil union with a fairly detailed and explicit contract signed by both parties and renewable at will.  I say that because when people end up in court they ask the judge to sort out these tangle of rights and obligations and no one ends up happy or well served.  That being said, no one should be denied their rights by virtue of their sexual orientation.  Good luck!

    •  Great in theory, but.... (1+ / 0-)
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      Probably not going to happen in our lifetime, if ever.  The irony is that marriage is such a fundamental right that there are very few restrictions and it takes about as much time and effort as it is to license a dog or cat.  Bring homosexuals into the equation, and all of a sudden rightwingers are ready, willing and eager to deny their own fundamental right to marriage and family decisions, and instead, talk about the state's right to dictate who gets married, etc.

      Talk about politics and strange bedfellows!

    •  at least in the context of Europe (0+ / 0-)

      marriage started out as a civil matter...religion (the Catholic church) got involved in the 1200s, IIRC.

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