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  •  Here's what Davis said on Morning Joe (0+ / 0-)

    But what's more important, I think, is the discussion that Barack Obama has been having with the American people for a long time - and that is, "I will be transparent.  I will run a different kind of campaign."  

    And yet half of those donations - he's not going to release to the American public

    Half of those donations are going to be secret.

    You know, half the donations that he's received since the day he started running have remained outside the public view.  

    And there are enough questions that have been raised by the news media as to where these donations have come from that he ought to settle the issue by putting up on our website.  He's got all these great geeks working over there.  They've done a spectacular job on his internet.  You know.  And he ought to have them put to work by saying, "I'll put up on a website all my" You know.  "donations". No matter how many there are.

    — Rick Davis
    Morning Joe


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