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    "We are all in this together and we should be glad to pay taxes to run the infrastructure, and to help others that are in need"

    Ya that'll get us elected. "We are all millionaires living off the government dole. And we give the upper class so many loopholes they dont have to pay taxes.. but YOU.. over there! Yes factory worker... 30% of your income ISNT ENOUGH! We have new programs! Must.. have.... pork.. need.. pork"

    America isnt Switzerland,sweden,etc. We dont think that way. Its not a communal society its an individualist society.

    Americans support social security because it works. We have fewer elderly homeless. We have a program where americans pay money into a system that directly helps them. With no attempts at sociological control thrown in. Americans support unemployment compensation because it works. You name the leftist program that has a proven track record, actually helps the working (not middle) class, solves social problems and doesnt try to run their lives and they'll support and pay for it. If you tell them you want more of their money because you have things you believe are in their best interests to spend it on they'll send your butt packing eventually. The congressional dems did it for a long time and eventually got sent packing by a group americans historically have NEVER trusted.

    So suggest a clear, open, simple, logical national health care systems americans will support it and and burn repugs who attack it alive. You pull a hillary however and suggest americans support a hypothetical program .. details to come later.. with a large portion of their paycheck they'll laugh in your face.

    We need to always always remember that americans dont trust government and never have. They view it as a necessary evil.

    State lotteries and education are a fantastic example. The plan by legislators in the south (which im most familiar with) was to proclaim a portion of lottery funds would be locked into education then sidetrack the money later. And of course the voters knew it. So it went through. Then when the pols tried to start sidetracking the money they (in general) got a loud, clear message "Touch it and your gone".

    Your argument is socialist (in the good sense of socialist) and thats why it wont work. Americans dont view ourselves as a "family group" or "community" all pitching in towards one common goal lead by wise, trustworthy leaders.

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