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  •  Re: Dean and federal budget (none)
    Dean has ruled out cutting the military budget and has been vague on how he would balance the budget.  I trust Dean's instincts, but it's not like the Dems, including Dean, are providing the real trade-offs facing the federal gov't on the budget.

    How will Dean balance the budget?  By goring sacred cows.  He's got a wee bit of an obsession.  (The previous comment was an example of traditional New England understatement.  You have been warned.)

    But he admits it might take him a few years to complete the process.

    •  what sacred cows? (none)
      OK, what sacred cows will Dean be willing to gore?

      The military?

      Social Security?


      Tax increases?

      I'm skeptical that Dean can accomplish much if it's not part of his campaign.  He'll have little claim on a mandate.

      Speak truth to power. Criticize Democratic arrogance and similarity to GOP.

      by Carl Nyberg on Tue Dec 23, 2003 at 05:09:19 PM PST

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      •  Re: what sacred cows? (none)
        a) That doesn't seem to have stopped Bush, who acts as though he won a landslide victory.

        ii) How can you be certain that Dean won't have a mandate? Are you a visitor from the future? If so, share a few stock tips with the rest of us.

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