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    It seemed like I was being disagreeable.  What I meant by color-neutral is that they see the difference, but choose to look at the person rather than the pigment.  As a result they have been exposed to many of the cultural differences as well as common experience that make up one race - the human race.

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      My daughter met a little white girl at the family's home for the first time when they were both three. My daughter is African American with a fair complexion.

      When she accompanied the little girl to the toy room, I heard the little girl ask, "Are you black or white?" My daughter hesitated for a moment. My mind raced because I didn't know that she would know the answer. We had never discussed race in our house and our family is a rainbow. My daughter said, "I'm black." They continued to the toy room and  have been friends for nineteen years.

      You're right. They see it, but it doesn't matter.

      "Why does God love Barack Obama?" Stephen Colbert

      by irackobama on Wed Oct 22, 2008 at 05:01:14 PM PDT

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