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View Diary: WA-08: Seattle Times Ignores Illegal Reichert Loan, Smears Burner (88 comments)

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    I went to Johns Hopkins where I majored in economics and computer science.  Hopkins does not give out multiple degrees so I received a BS in Computer Science from the university at commencement acticities.  However I had an advisor in the economics department and fulfilled all the requirements for a BA in economics.  While Hopkins did not give me a piece of paper saying I have an economics degree, they fully accept that I have one (I believe it is noted on my official transcript, though I have never bothered to check).  If I had wanted to go to grad school for economics, it would not have been a problem and I feel perfectly comfortable saying that I have both a BS in CS and a BA in Econ.

    It also seems that this is completely irrelevant to Darcy Burner since she was a CS major with a concentration in economics as opposed to a true double major.  That issue seems to be with how she described that combination.

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