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  •  pick your own Stupid Reason, I guess (1+ / 0-)
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    Yeah, that's one of many specious Stupid Reasons cited in ORS 480.315 of the Oregon Statutes, to self-justify the no-self-serve law.  I've never seen such a self-serving, contradictory, bullshit legislative justification desperately seeking to inform the relevance for its own existence:

    480.315 Policy. The Legislative Assembly declares that, except as provided in ORS 480.345 to 480.385, it is in the public interest to maintain a prohibition on the self-service dispensing of Class 1 flammable liquids at retail. The Legislative Assembly finds and declares that:

    (14) Self-service dispensing at retail contributes to unemployment, particularly among young people;

    So we must maintain a ban on self-serve gasoline to employ otherwise unemployable teenagers?

    But even before Stupid Reason 14, there were Stupid Reasons 7 and 9, and immediately following Stupid Reason 14, there is Stupid Reason 15:

    (7) Exposure to toxic fumes represents a health hazard to customers dispensing Class 1 flammable liquids;

    (9) The exposure to Class 1 flammable liquids through dispensing should, in general, be limited to as few individuals as possible, such as gasoline station owners and their employees or other trained and certified dispensers;

    (15) Self-service dispensing at retail presents a health hazard and unreasonable discomfort to persons with disabilities, elderly persons, small children and those susceptible to respiratory diseases;

    See, it makes perfect sense.  We must concentrate the health hazard and the toxins within our young people, because it's better to have them be poisoned than unemployed.

    Seriously, anyone who thinks Oregon's no-self-serve law is a good thing should read the actual legislation and see that it is a clusterfuck of conflicting excuses for something.  What that something is, that is no longer clear.  It's nothing but a laundry list of excuses for maintaining tradition.

    I note also the absurdity of the following Stupid Reasons:

    (4) The dangers of crime and slick surfaces described in subsection (3) of this section are enhanced because Oregon’s weather is uniquely adverse, causing wet pavement and reduced visibility;

    It's a matter of law that Oregon is uniquely rainy.  And therefore, people must not pump their own gas.  Seriously.  This is the bullshit that supports this law.

    There are 17 Stupid Reasons in all.  Read and enjoy.

    •  Of course, it's not really that rainy... (1+ / 0-)
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      Portland gets less annual precipitation than every single major city east of the Mississippi.  

      That's right: Less than Boston, DC, Philly, NYC, Miami, New Orleans, Chicago... all of them.

      It's just that our rain is tightly concentrated in Dec, Jan, and Feb - when we're #1 or #2 (with Seattle).  And from October to May, it's gray and dreary.

      But June to September, well, we've got the most glorious weather anywhere in the country.  

      •  my attempt at Californication… (0+ / 0-)

        I grew up in Eugene-Springfield.  Still have family there and in Portland.  Huge Ducks fan.

        Definitely gray and dreary.  And foggy.  And for a lot of the winter, the temperature is stuck at 33°.  Just not quite cold enough to ever get much snow.  Guaranteeing gray and dreary.

        Oregon is all about stark contradictions:  liberal vs conservative, rain forest vs desert, pioneerish libertarianism vs self-serve ban.

        Having emigrated to California many years ago, the ban on self-serve is just one of the few things that I don't miss and now find utterly ridiculous when I go "home."

        •  It's kind of changed... (0+ / 0-)

          I'm from Eugene/Springfield and for the past 5 years or so, we have had snow that has stayed on the ground, including the streets several times a year.  When I was younger, there were years and years when we never even saw a few flurries. I just live in a normal flat place in town too.

          Also, the weather may be gray and dreary right now, but we have months and months of blue skies and green grass/trees in the Summer.  

          Though it's almost always a comfortable high in the low/mid 80s then, it also officially goes over both 90 and 100 far more often in the Summer too.  Climate change?

          "Whatever you say today in the comments...I shall take umbrage!" -- BiPM

          by Progressive Chick on Fri Oct 24, 2008 at 05:06:44 AM PDT

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      •  LIAR! LIAR! (0+ / 0-)

        Now stop that Kari. Tell the truth. It rains nearly every day. The dampness causes mildew on everything. It is, without question, one of the most depressing places on the planet. So, if anyone is really thinking of moving here, be forewarned. ;-)

        "Jesus was a Community Organizer, and Pontius Pilate was a Governor."

        by edison on Fri Oct 24, 2008 at 03:59:26 AM PDT

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