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View Diary: Yard Sign Vandalism and McCain Supporters (68 comments)

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  •  "thanks to whoever came up with that idea" (8+ / 0-)

    That idea is really just the campaign following the law obsessively. In 2004 Kerry (and in 2000 for Gore) the campaigns outsourced their yard sign fulfillment to DemStore in DC (who kept all of the profit from the manufacture and sale of the signs).  Which meant that the campaigns made no money from swag sales.

    This year Obama outsourced their fulfillment to TigerEye in Dayton. But a bunch of vendors such as my company DemSign, CampaignSource in Providence, TigerEye, and others got to bid on the production of the campaign's materials. Not only did this lower the cost to the campaign for materials and spread the wealth around the country, but it gave the profits from manufacturing directly to the campaign and improved the record keeping and tracking of donations. The purchase website was managed internally in Chicago with the sales info being sent to TigerEye after the campaign tracked it.

    If Kerry had run his store in-house instead of outsourcing EVERYTHING then his contributions would have been about $12 million more than they ended up being. If he had had the actual customer list of everyone who had purchased swag, then he probably could have raised a lot more money.

    As a side note to the folks in Arlington Virginia who insist on buying pirate Obama yard signs from DemStore, y'all are stealing money from the campaign by buying signs from an unlicensed vendor.

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