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    I'm not sure this is an answer, but if you can manage to run a diary without dumping it by clicking a link (the back button brings you to the diary editor then) your diary page will not reflect your activity.

    All the comments will be new.

    So if you go in using the 'There's More' button you're all set.  Once.

    I suspect they are kept on the server though as part of the package that lets you know how many new comments in diaries you've visited on the front page.

    I have it on good information that is one of the most server sucking features of dKos.

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      ek hornbeck

      I believe that the most expedient method to avoid that situation would be just to open a new window and use it exclusively.

      I use the "new" flags to make sure that I do not leave anyone out for responses.  As you, and those who read and respond to my posts know, I am not a "post and leave" diarist.

      Thanks, ek!

      Warmest regards,


      In do not know everything, but I can learn anything. -6.25, -6.05

      by Translator on Fri Oct 24, 2008 at 09:23:01 PM PDT

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