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View Diary: Fruit Fly Research in France?! I Kid You Not! (90 comments)

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    As a lifelong liberal from a very blue state, I was shocked by how much hostility there is towards science when I went up to Alaska to work this past summer.

    I was on the Alaskan peninsula, out in the bush, and when I would tell people that I was graduating with a degree in microbiology, the sneers were obvious. Most of my coworkers were native Alaskans, or from other like-minded political states such as Idaho, Montana and Wyoming.

    I was told that the only reason why people want to become scientists is because they are lazy and don't want to work.  Being a "scientist" is just an excuse to fleece money from the government and sit in a lab all day and not have to work.  "Not wanting to work" is a common theme among my blue-collar red-state friends.  When I countered that my research was privately funded by industry, I was told that was just a stepping stone to a career on the government dime.

    There is very little understanding, and absolutely no respect, of the value of basic research.  

    Yes, my mind is about to explode that the gov is mocking fruit fly research, but keep in mind, she's not talking to the scientific community or to people who are even slightly informed about science.  

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