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View Diary: Saturday Maverick Garden Hoaxing Vol. 4.36 (142 comments)

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  •  Usually I get new growth (5+ / 0-)

    after the buds. Maybe you'll get some blooms late in the winter, wouldn't that be nice?

    •  Yes... (4+ / 0-)

      because I bought that one because the flowers are sooo pretty!!  :)  It hasn't bloomed since I bought it though (two seasons ago)... but then again, like I indicated, I've been horrible about a regular watering schedule.

      I was hoping I'd get flowers at least this year!  

      Oh well.

      The one I have that came from my paternal grandmother - which has to be about 30 years old at this point - is setting buds.  I finally replanted it into new soil last year.  This one has a very basic red/pink flower.

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