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View Diary: Bill Clinton and Barack Obama in Florida on Wednesday!! (95 comments)

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    Gore tried to run away from Clinton in '00
    He should have run the C/G record, but of course, he & the DNC let Bush frame the campaign.

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      coachjdc: "Gore tried to run away from Clinton in '00. He should have run the C/G record, but of course, he & the DNC let Bush frame the campaign."

      Totally! C/G did a LOT to improve government during their time in the White House, and they could've run on this. And I don't care what your polls say, when Bill Clinton shows up, people listen. It's called charisma and it can't be measured by lines on graphs. Gore was barely able to keep people awake and he exuded elitism during that campaign.

      I was a local Dem official during the '90s and the one thing that pissed me off most about the party was their utter spinelessness (and cluelessness) in the face of the G.O.P. hatemongers.

      What we needed to do then was take back our voice and go on the offensive against these creeps. Gore SO didn't do it; heck, he didn't even stand up for a fair vote count in '00. Kerry was equally wimpy.

      I sense that this year, for the first time in almost 2 decades, the party's got its game on in the form of Barack. Clinton's appearances on his behalf will only help him.

      "Better a bleeding heart than none at all."

      by LindaBee on Sat Oct 25, 2008 at 12:26:20 PM PDT

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    •  Clinton distanced himself from Gore (0+ / 0-)

      with his sleazy and reckless conduct, not the other way around.

      Gore praised Clinton at the convention for his accomplishments as president and appropriately kept Clinton from being a frontal figure in his own campaign.

      You NEVER put some one polling 65% unfavorable (esp. someone whose emphatic lie to the american public was on tape) as your pitch man.

      I don't think anyone in a competitive race (other than HRC in a blue state of NY, but that race wasn't competitive anyhow) had WJC campaign for them in 2000. Actually I don't if WJC was asked to campaign by ANY candidate other than HRC that year.

      Election Protection Wiki
      Go Obama/Biden! Throw the bums out!!

      by NeuvoLiberal on Sat Oct 25, 2008 at 12:31:39 PM PDT

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