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  •  I don't understand (0+ / 0-)

    how Clinton won, if they are so afraid of liberal polciies. Granted Clinton was pretty middle-of-the-road, but Obama isn't running that far to the left of where he did.

    •  The Clintons (0+ / 0-)

      were well known and well liked (by most).  There were some who didn't like them, but overall people could see that these "liberals" weren't going to take away their guns or turn them gay.  I know that sounds crazy, but people in AR are slow to warm up to strangers.  Personally, I'd love to see Gen. Clark and Obama do some rallies here.  I think the Powell endorsement might soften up some of the "strong defense" people.  General Clark being from here could help ease people's minds as well, not just about "is he strong on defense" but also being a "friend of a friend".

      Watch this space. Something brilliant will come to me soon, I'm sure.

      by tresgatos on Sat Oct 25, 2008 at 10:28:07 PM PDT

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