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View Diary:  Anne Pressly has died of her injuries. I'm grim. (59 comments)

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  •  The shit will stop when WE stop it... (1+ / 0-)
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    WE are the problem, and WE need to start becoming the solution.  Negative campaigning continues because it works, and it works because enough of us let it work.  We have become so inured to senseless violence that we need a "twist" to capture our interest. If Pressly hadn't had a role in W, the story wouldn't have be deemed worthly of national attention; if Pressly hadn't been white and attractive, it wouldn't be a story at all.

    I understand your point, but this is not the time for such distractions.  NOTHING will change unless the governing party changes.  Even then, it will be a long and difficult struggle for this country to regain its soul.  That's what has been lost, IMHO.  That is the spark that Obama has been able to capture.

    If Obama wins, he should set up an all-encompassing investigation to find out EVERYTHING that's been done in our names the last 8 years.  Not a witch hunt, but more like the Truth Commission that was set up in South Africa after apartheid.

    I agree that we need to find a way to purge all of the bitterness and vitriol.  There is no firmer foundation for friendship and trust than shared adversity.  We are at a point where many on the GOP side are realizing the scale of the disaster that has been the Bush administration.  We are in the midst of a national "intervention".  If we can get enough people to realize where we are and how we got here, then we have a change to make things right.   Only then can WE fact the great challenge lies ahead of us:  to re-unite the United States.

    But even to have the chance of regaining our soul, we MUST win the election.  Nothing else matters.

    •  I agree with your premise about winning (0+ / 0-)

      the election, but I also think that we've made this devils bargain before.

      "oh, we've got to win the election first, then we'll end the Iraq war".

      Nancy and Harry seem to have forgotten how/why Democrats are in power right now. So there's a balance.

      Would you like to be the one who travels to visit the family of the soldiers killed since January 2007 when the current congress assumed their offices and say "well, we're sorry that your loved one is dead and that the war is still raging, but we had to make sure we had the presidency and the congress before we made our move"


      George Orwell is banging on the lid of his coffin and screaming, "1984 was a cautionary tale, you dolts, not a motivational speech!"

      by snafubar on Mon Oct 27, 2008 at 09:03:51 AM PDT

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      •  If I had the power... (0+ / 0-)

        I'd can both Harry and Nancy. I'm sure we can find 2 other Dem Congresscritters with more fire in their guts.  Ones who won't worry about "keeping their powder dry".  My point is that there's a time for reflection, and it's not before Nov 5th.

        "We are the ones we've been waiting for."

        We've all lived through the last 8 years and we all have had days when we felt like there was no hope.  It's easy to get overwhelmed by how far we have to go and how much we need to accomplish.

        But we have momentum, and we MUST keep moving forward, one step at a time, no matter how small each step is.  We are on the verge of achieving something that would have been unthinkable to many a generation or two ago.

        Sadly, it still is unthinkable to some.  If Obama wins, it won't be the end of the struggle.  There is no fairy tale ending where the spell breaks, and choruses of Kumbaya break out in the Senate. But it will be the dawning of a new day in American politics. And it will come to pass because of the tireless efforts of millions of ordinary Americans over the last half century.

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