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View Diary: McCain Staffer Threatens to Arrest Journalist for Exposing Paid "Volunteers" (Video) (270 comments)

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  •  When that guy put his hand over the camera (7+ / 0-)

    and threatened to call the cops, I probably would have said 'don't bother, I'm calling them right now' and told them I was being threatened, and was afraid I would be beat up.

    The second guy was decent.

    There's no problem with hiring people to do political canvassing. Perfectly legal, and campaigns do it all the time. Obama doesn't HAVE to, because he has plenty of REAL volunteers.

    But I really want to know if they were just asking if people were going to vote absentee, and handing out info about that, or if they were actually collecting ballots. Because I'm pretty sure THAT is illegal just about everywhere.

    •  The first guy interviewed (0+ / 0-)

      Seemed to imply that they were collecting ballots, but the volunteers themselves seemed to indicate that they were asking people if they wanted to register absentee. My guess is the first guy was being unclear, but who knows?

      Beware the everyday brutality of the averted gaze

      by mataliandy on Mon Oct 27, 2008 at 10:43:36 AM PDT

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