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    Gore was a more involved Veep than many others have been.  However, Reynolds ignores the critical point (or doesn't understand it, because he's as dumb as his editorial would suggest) that Gore as "activist VP" was following the pattern of Carter's VP, Walter Mondale.  Mondale was the first "activist VP" - he was the first Vice President to have an office in White House, the first to fully participate in Cabinet meetings, and was an outspoken advocate of the administration and a close and trusted advisor to Carter.  Gore similarly had a major role in the Clinton presidency, having specific responsibility for several portfolios, including climate change and streamlining the federal bureaucracy, and advised Clinton on many of his most important nominations.

    Cheney used the model of "activist VP" to advance his perverted and twisted belief in the Unitary Executive and, of course, to influence the incurious and pliable President Bush.  There is nothing wrong with an "activist VP" who acts as one of the President's top advisors and to whom the President delegates well defined executive tasks.  There is something deeply troubling with a Vice President who is seen as a puppeteer, who controls the information the President receives, who uses his office as a black hole to hide information from scrutiny, who ignores executive orders, who makes dubious claims of executive privilege, who routinely lies to the American public, and who uses his position to try to dismantle the checks and balances enshrined in our Constitution.    

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