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View Diary: PLEASE RECOMMEND - Get Eminem's kickass Anti-Bush Video OnMTV Now! (257 comments)

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  •  raw honesty? (2.60)
    try raw bigotry.  I'm glad he is on our side with Bush and I think its good he has a video (that I can't watch on that site) that bashes Bush.  He is still a prick though.
    •  Like one of Cole's collegues said... (4.00)
      Eminem is a bootlegger, but that does not mean we should reject him outright.

      This is about something more important than previous differences.

    •  no one says (4.00)
      that truman capote is a seriel killer because he wrote In Cold Blood.

      Maybe that's a bad example because that's not fiction... what about Stephen King...?  crazed killer at heart?

      •  huh (none)
        wtf does fiction have to do with the real eminem?  I am not talking about a couple of song lyrics.  And I didn't even suggest that Eminem was some person in a song of his. wtf?  Are people really that offended that I called Eminem a prick?  get real.
        •  call eminem whatever you want (4.00)
          his songs are fiction.

          I have no idea why you think he's a bigot, I assumed it was from his song lyrics.

          I'm not offended a bit by your calling him a prick either.  Do you mind discussing your opinion?

          •  good (none)
            it was the assumption that bugged me.  i was just stating my opinion.  don't care enough to really argue it.
          •, i agree with seamus (3.50)
            One song with Elton John does not a de-bigoting make.  I can't stand the guy.

            Besides, there are tons of other strong, intelligent, politicized, impassioned, and powerful rap artists out there who have been pushing against this fucked-up administration in their work and their message.

            ...too bad they're all black.

            This video is powerful because it has the potential to reach white kids.  That's remarkable, and incredibly important.  But it doesn't make me respect Mr. Mathers any more.  I'm sorry--one too many (or hundreds too many) faggot jokes, faggot cut-downs, and women-thrown-in-trunks songs for my taste.  

            I'll stick with Chuck D. and Common.

            (I still freeped TRL, regardless).

            •  and Blackalicious (none)
              Gift of Gab.

              I wouldn't go so far as to urge anyone to "respect Mr. Mathers".

            •  "Too bad they're all black"? (4.00)
              Eminem is not popular because he's white, he's popular because his raps are so fucking good. You don't see Bubba Sparxx getting all this attention for his raps about being poor white trash. The only black artist to match Em recently is Jadakiss with "Why". Chuck D is okay on Air America but hasn't had a good rap song in about ten years.
            •  Did you really just say that? (none)
              Tell me you mean, it's too bad there aren't more white artists with the courage and wit that these black artists exhibit.

              Convictions are more dangerous enemies of truth than lies. --Friedrich Nietzsche (Beyond Good and Evil)

              by perspicio on Mon Oct 25, 2004 at 09:07:40 PM PDT

              [ Parent ]

      •  well in that case S King (none)
        is probably a woman
    •  Shame on you all (4.00)
      for trollrating seamus.  We don't want unanimity here--that's for Bush rallies.

      I'll chime in.  I have listened to eminem and made a real effort to understand what he was about when he skyrocketed to fame.  I like some rap, although I'm a 36-year-old white guy with a family, so not a TRL target.

      Eminem is clearly talented, but socially immature to say the least.  Prick is the perfect word for him.

      Having said that, this video is the bomb.  The song's ok, not his best, but combined with the video it is pure dynamite for our side.  Get it out there however we can.

      Go ahead and troll rate me.  Or you could think for a moment and tell me how he's not a prick instead.  Your choice.

      •  As someone turning 35 in a couple weeks (4.00)
        I noticed Eminem's talent from the start, but was turned off by his immature rants about his mother, his wife, his children, gay people, and so on.

        But as time goes on, I think he's maturing, and this is just another sign of that. He's increasingly tackling relevant social issues, and not just in this video. I haven't listened to all his music so it's possible the homophobia and misogyny and self-loathing is still there, but I get a sense it's on the backburner to a certain degree even if it's there.

        Also, like a lot of young American white guys, he's got a lot of internalized anger and prejudice to deal with, and even in his early work he's remarkable by the fact that he deals with it, publicly, in his music. Would he be as good an artist if he ignored his darker thoughts and just talked about what people wanted to hear?

        Eminem seems to be evolving by his confrontation of these issues, exactly the ones that offend his critics. He's a role model whether he or his critics like it or not. If he could go through a process of brutal and public self-examination and come out the other side a better man, he could provide an example to other people with similar attitudes to confront them themselves.

        A couple of years ago, if he would have done a video like this at all (and he did do at least one video critical of Bush) it would have suggested some immature and destructive course of action. But this video ends with a plea to channel action into voting. That's maturity, and he should be judged by his journey and where he is now, and not where he was five years ago. Given what I see, I can't call him a prick.

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