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View Diary: PLEASE RECOMMEND - Get Eminem's kickass Anti-Bush Video OnMTV Now! (257 comments)

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  •  Agreed (4.00)
    The dislike rap more than any other music genre except country.  I can hardly stand any of it.  But I've very grudgingly come to admit that a small handful of rap songs are pretty good, and some of those have come from Eminem.

    Emimem's better songs seem to be satirical and/or simply well-worded indictments of hypocrisy in the mainstream of our country's culture.  This is probably the best example of that yet.

    It still contains of a lot of the self-serving egotism that annoys me about rap in general.  Most of the first main verse is just Eminem hyping himself up.  Pffft to that.  But the rest is pretty good, especially the last main verse.

    A lot of Eminem's other songs are just stupid, and some of them annoy the hell out of me.  I think he's a very disturbed and poorly educated guy but with a lot of native intelligence and, despite his screwed up background, a basic sense of what's right.  And I think it's that better side that shows in this song.

    I don't think the "hip-hop culture" of inner-city kids is very much into Eminem.  I think he's seen there as some kind of sucky sellout or something;  that crowd seems to take pride in less bandwagonny stuff.  (I think most of what they like sucks, too, but the point is it's not Eminem.)  But I don't think that matters, because that culture is already extremely anti-Bush.

    I think that most of Eminem's audience comes from middle-upper class 15-25 year-olds from suburbia and smalltown USA who've joined in on this weird cultural phenomenon of idolizing inner-city rap/gang life.  Most of them are sheep just as much as the Republican rank-and-file, but Eminem's one of their shepherds, and I think this song will have an effect, especially if it gets publicity on MTV.  These are people who are more likely to vote Republican than actual inner-city hip-hop kids... so Eminem's voice is a good one to get out some votes from that crowd.

    •  wrong (none)
      i think Eminem is very much admired even in the ghetto. i've heard folks blasting his music in the hood. good hip hop is good hip hop. that's the beauty of hip hop in my opinion is that it is the most powerful force there is to bring people of all races together, both here in the states and globally (first time i realized hip hop's power was seeing all the tupac posters everywhere in southern africa). we who love hip hop so dearly and have hated to see it exploited by corporate America into mindless materialism and thuggery have to be thrilled with this brilliant video and statement. if Democrats want to keep their 80-90% of the black vote, they better get on the hip hop bandwagon as the civil rights generation and old school NAACP-church approach is no longer going to work...
    •  Go read Juan Cole on this (none)
      Eminem appeals to votes that we can use. There's no real reason to spend time on cultural criticism until the middle of next week.
      •  Absolutely 100% (none)
        correct.  The enemy of my enemy is my friend.  Personally, I have developed a real liking for his music, and I'm 41.  If you don't like him, fine, but between now and next Tuesday about 11 Eastern time, keep it to yourself.

        I never woulda dreamed in a million years I'd see so many motherfuckin people, who feel like me . . . . It's like a fuckin ARMY marchin in back of me

        by jsmdlawyer on Mon Oct 25, 2004 at 07:49:52 PM PDT

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    •  you are wrong about Eminem's demographics (4.00)
      Eminem is as popular as a big star gets in the inner city where there is a preference for local, less inhibited groups.  He is in no way seen as another Vanilla Ice.  If he gets dissed for being a sellout and a big star, it is for being just that, a big star, not for being white, many black mainstream stars get dissed the same way.  The inner cities are not quite as homogenous as you think, there are a small but growing number of poor whites and Mexicans living in close proximity to poor blacks.  With the slow decline of racism in America we are witnessing a coming together of the less economically fortunate into one slowly homogenizing group former known as the working class.  This is Eminem's main audience, the garage shops, construction sites and junior colleges of racially mixed America, a slice of America between, very roughly, the 20th and 40th percentile income groups.  
      •  So Right My Man.... (4.00)
        I grew up in a multi-racial, working class town and graduated college in 1988.  One of the things that struck me in the early 90's whenever I was home, was this blending and melding of white, black, and brown teens on the streets, at the jobs, and in the pizza places. Just five years earlier me and my buddy were seen as little bits of oddities cuz we consistently hung out across racial lines. In HS, he was the only white guy on the basketball team, I was one of only 2 or 3 white guys on the track team (sometimes the only one).

        But things changed big time between 87/88 (my last year as a Summer Rec Counselor) and 91/92 and it was really cool to see. A year or so after I first noticed this melding Benneton came out with that United Colors of Benneton add, and there was this big to do. But guess what, in east coast towns where $55K puts your family in the elite, that shit was already going on. The working class and low income folks have been coming together across racial barriers for a long time now. Yeah there's still some suspicion and bigotry going on. But the younger people are, the more comfortable they are across race and ethnic lines.

        Eminem's just indicative of that whole culture shift. When I first heard him talk he sounded a lot like my next door neighbor (who was on one of the navy ships that provided support to the Libyan raid in 198686 btw).  I watched Moshe this morning at 5:30AM and it brought tears to my eyes. That's my hometown man.

        •  Definetly (none)
          I have lived in Toledo oh for almost my whole life and graduated hs in 1997. It is a mirror image of the neighborhood Eminem grew up. Poor to middle-class white, brown, and black. There is some racism but not much among youngsters.And guess what they all listen to, Eminem. Detroit is about an hour away and I have driven down 8 mile road several times and it is a cross section of what many industrial towns and cities are in America. He speaks to these kids because he shares a common background. Of course suburban kids want to be like him so he is popular there too.

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