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View Diary: PLEASE RECOMMEND - Get Eminem's kickass Anti-Bush Video OnMTV Now! (257 comments)

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  •  You are both right (none)
    Eminem is simply not going to get the numbers to the polls that MoveOn and ACT will. It's not gonna happen. But...if this video and song got major play, it could influence a lot of members of the hip hop youth (whites, blacks, etc) to get out there and vote against Bush. I wish this video could have come out earlier and influenced people to register, but hopefully Fahrenheit 9/11 got that mission accomplished.

    Now it's up to Eminem to give them that final push into the voting booth, to say "This is why your vote matters". Instead of rioting in the streets, the youth can march right into city halls all across the country and VOTE. It's a powerful message for a certain demographic. But we have to get the video on the air.

    •  You are right. (none)
      How do we tie this in with our team that is working colleges? Quickly.
    •  I think you are missing the point (4.00)
      This song is an anthem. This is the voice of all of us, especially minorities, but all of us who are seething at what happened in Florida 2000, then 9/11, and every attempt to create an imperialist regime over the past four years.

      It was Nirvana and Pearl Jam who produced the last true generational anthems in the early 90's and Bill Clinton was the result.

      Eminem has produced something that is the voice of millions.

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