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View Diary: PLEASE RECOMMEND - Get Eminem's kickass Anti-Bush Video OnMTV Now! (257 comments)

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  •  Well, one way or another... (none)
    one way or another you seem to know enough about Eminem to make your decision. Where did you get that information from, if not ultimately from a media company?

    I remember when Time magazine did one of their pieces on the evil violent content of rock music; this was just after Trent Reznor put out Further Down the Spiral. So, Time quotes lyrics from his song "Big man with a Gun" to show how nasty, evil Trent Reznor is encouraging kids to kill people.

    Anyone actually familiar with the song knows that it's exactly the opposite, a mockery of the violent badass cowboy mindset---but it's a mockery sung in the first person, so it's easy to grossly misinterpret. As someone said above, this is like quoting Pennywise from Stephen King's "IT" as representing King himself.


    •  nin (none)
      I am a real sucker for pieces in Time about the evils of rock music.  Are you serious?
      •  man, you sound like ken mehlman (3.00)
        You throw around insults but don't back them up. Eminem is not a "bigot" or an "idiot", and only somebody stuck in a tightwad thought control universe, adhering to politically correct speech, would think so. Just because a rapper says the word "bitch" doesn't mean they hate women or beat women, it's just the way people talk. The same thing with using the word "fag" as interchangable with "punk" or "wuss" or "asshole". It's rough language that I don't defend, but hell, I've used the words myself in the past and I have gay friends.

        Bob Dylan used the "n-word" in his song Hurricane, that doesn't mean he's a racist. He was there with MLK at the "I have a dream" speech. Artists should not be censored, especially if the whole message is a good one.

        I think half of Eminem's songs are trite and petty, but the ones where he actually takes himself seriously are damn good.

        •  no (none)
          First of all, if I was trying to be politically correct I wouldn't have called him a prick idiot.  You think Eminem and Dylan are edgy?  Give me a friggin' break.  God forbid you were introduced to the Dayglo abortions or something.

          Just because an artist is trying to be edgy doesn't mean they aren't bigots or pricks.  Your pc sensitivity seems to have difficulty understanding the difference between being an ass and being creative.  Just because you have gay friends doesn't mean you aren't being a bigoted ass.  

          The reason Dylan's use of the "n-word" isn't bigoted has nothing to do with whether or not he was at MLK's speech.  You can be at MLK's speech and still be a bigot.  Dylan's use of that word is proper because of the song itself which is about how black men are unjustly accused and about a particular instance.

          And just for the record, where did I suggest censoring Eminem?  Artists should not be censored but that doesn't mean they aren't jerks.  You'd think that Eminem was some sort of saint with idiots like you trolling me for insulting the ego of an egomaniac.

          •  I think (4.00)
            that basically Eminem was a punk-ass kid with a hell of a lot of talent and no filter between his brain and his mouth.

            I also think he's growing up, as this song and video show very clearly.

            "We're makin' progress. It's hard work. We're workin' hard on freedom. And liberty. Hard work. ... Hard work. . . . um . . . is the light on yet?"

            by DrFrankLives on Tue Oct 26, 2004 at 08:08:10 AM PDT

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