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View Diary: PLEASE RECOMMEND - Get Eminem's kickass Anti-Bush Video OnMTV Now! (257 comments)

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  •  It's your speech: own it (3.66)
    Eminem has made bigoted comments about women and gays. Period.

    I am sure southern white racists were also cool and relevant in their communities when they beat and burned black people, but that didn't make them right.

    Don't blame political correctness for your apologist view of bigoted speech.

    You are the one who views gay bashing and women bashing as merely politically correct jibberjabber.

    It's your view. Own it. Don't blame it on someone else.

    •  The video stands (4.00)
      And I see no homophobia, racism or sexism there.

      I have never liked rap, and Eminem in particular turned me so far off that I would get irritated hearing the bass from my neighbor's apartment.

      But what I saw here cut through all bullshit, all prior crap, all of that. It was powerful. Nuanced. I saw strong women, people uniting, a powerful anti-racism message and a HELL of a call to power.

      Will I go out and become an Eminem fan and fawn all over his prior stuff? Nope.

      But this stands. It is outstanding on every level.

      Sometimes the messenger comes crawling and covered with pox, and the message is still good.

      Sometimes the message comes from an unlikely source and is still valid.

      Do not fall into the ad hominem trap and discard this work of art simply because you do not like the artist.

      My respect for Eminem climbed measurably with this.

      I am a feminist, a staunch advocate for gay rights, and a mother of a kid who's just getting to the age where this genre of music tends to become appealing.

      This is not about "winning back white males". It's not about political correctness. It's about survival, and the video brings it home.

      George Bush is Nehemiah Scudder

      by jenrose on Tue Oct 26, 2004 at 04:56:39 AM PDT

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      •  Absolutely correct... (none)
        This video is REALLY powerful.  It reminds me more of something from the 60's, though not as light as those tended to be.  It's strong and in-your-face and absolutely right for the time.  I'm no fan of Eminem, but this song and this video should be an anthem for this time.  I don't care what he's said or done, the song and the video stand on their own.
      •  Very well said (none)
        It's Art. Plain and simple.

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