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  •  Whoops! and Thank You (4.00)
    I should have started my post with the word "and" rather than "but", because I meant to agree with you and expand the topic.  Sorry 'bout that!  What you said struck a chord with me, and I just felt the need to express my thoughts.  

    I appreciate your response and awareness that the younger crowd is out there trying to change things.  So many times I run into the stereotype that 20-somethings are apathetic, disaffected and detatched.  Some of them are, but many are not.  Working on a local level is a way to see actual change on a community level, and I think that is why it is so appealing.  

    More importantly, this "non-participant" stereotype can so easly become a self-fulfilling prophesy.  I know many other people who are frustrated by it.  Frankly, it is kind of depressing to try your best to move things forward, only to be constantly hit with a barage of "how unusual to see a young person here" (which immediately makes one feel out of place) by the people on you own side!  

    Opposing this stereotype and allowing activism and participation to be accepted norms is very important indeed.  I salute you.  

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