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View Diary: PLEASE RECOMMEND - Get Eminem's kickass Anti-Bush Video OnMTV Now! (257 comments)

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  •  As someone turning 35 in a couple weeks (4.00)
    I noticed Eminem's talent from the start, but was turned off by his immature rants about his mother, his wife, his children, gay people, and so on.

    But as time goes on, I think he's maturing, and this is just another sign of that. He's increasingly tackling relevant social issues, and not just in this video. I haven't listened to all his music so it's possible the homophobia and misogyny and self-loathing is still there, but I get a sense it's on the backburner to a certain degree even if it's there.

    Also, like a lot of young American white guys, he's got a lot of internalized anger and prejudice to deal with, and even in his early work he's remarkable by the fact that he deals with it, publicly, in his music. Would he be as good an artist if he ignored his darker thoughts and just talked about what people wanted to hear?

    Eminem seems to be evolving by his confrontation of these issues, exactly the ones that offend his critics. He's a role model whether he or his critics like it or not. If he could go through a process of brutal and public self-examination and come out the other side a better man, he could provide an example to other people with similar attitudes to confront them themselves.

    A couple of years ago, if he would have done a video like this at all (and he did do at least one video critical of Bush) it would have suggested some immature and destructive course of action. But this video ends with a plea to channel action into voting. That's maturity, and he should be judged by his journey and where he is now, and not where he was five years ago. Given what I see, I can't call him a prick.

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