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View Diary: Canvassing in Swing State Central - A Florida Tale (39 comments)

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    Awesome news. Florida will redeem itself, and the rest of the nation, with your help.

    Isn't it cool to walk your own precinct? I just did some GOTV precinct walking in my own neighborhood this past weekend. It's a real kick in the pants to know that my neighbors are with us.

    I really felt like part of the community. My neighborhood here in Oakland runs the gamut from ramshackle bungalows with cars on blocks out front to grand estates on the hilltops, and every address houses Kerry voters. Just so uplifting. A majority were new voters. About half were voting absentee, too, which reinforced my thinking on skewed polling. If they aren't around to answer the door or to vote in person, they sure as heck won't be answering a poll.

    Chimpy is going into a Hughesian mental meltdown after the little "reality party" we're going to throw him next week.

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      for everyone, if someone here has any information. If people have already voted, how do pollsters deal with that response? Do they ask them who they voted for anyhow? I've noticed through phone banking that even when I identify myself as a Kerry-Edwards volunteer, people that have already voted and are listed as solid Kerry supporters are reluctant to confrim their votes. I can't help but think that if a signifigant percentage of eligble voters have already cast their ballots, the polls cannot be accepted as accurate.

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