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View Diary: What 30 Minutes with Obama Meant to Me (91 comments)

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  •  Obama's 4 families vs. Joe the Plumber (10+ / 0-)

    was one of the things that struck me in this program. I appreciated seeing ordinary struggling Americans who are good role models for the rest of us. For instance, the husband of the elderly couple stands by his ailing wife and gets a job at Wal-Mart to help pay for her medications. You can really see the love between them, their loyalty to each other, and the values that inform their lives. And Mrs. Sanchez in New Mexico appears to be a really good teacher who loves her job, hugs her at-risk students, takes night classes to teach them more effectively, and has a positive impact on their lives.

    These four families represent what is best about this country. Joe Wurzelbacher, on the other hand, represents the worst--racial prejudice, chiseling on his financial obligations to his family and his community, putting down people who don't agree with him, and using his celebrity to cash in on book and record deals.

    politik need force / politik need cries / politik need ignorance / politik need lies--Manu Chao, "Politik Kills"

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