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  •  very, very low pricetag!?! (4+ / 0-)
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    Only $86,000 to recount 2.9 million ballots?  Why are things so very inexpensive in Minnesota?

    In 2004, as you no doubt recall, I chronicled the seemingly-endless count and two recounts of the Washington gubernatorial election.  While the state covered the mandatory machine recount, the Gregoire/Democratic team had to pay in advance for the second (manual) recount.  Their payment was refunded after the result was reversed in the hand recount, but prepayment was required.

    How much was that prepayment?  The state required 25 cents per ballot.  There were, as in Minnesota 2008, about 2.9 million ballots, so the WA-Gov recount prepayment was well over $700,000!  That estimate turns out to have low.  According to the Washington Secretary of State, the actual pricetag for the manual recount came to $902,793.29.  With 2,883,499 ballots examined in the recount, of which 2,810,058 were valid votes for a gubernatorial candidate, the reported cost of the manual recount came to about 31.3 cents per ballot.

    In very sharp contrast, the Minnesota estimate of $86,000 for 2.9 million ballots comes to a bit under 3.0 cents per ballot.

    How on earth can Minnesota accomplish the same task for less than one-tenth the price in Washington (and that's before the inflation adjustment)?

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    by N in Seattle on Thu Nov 13, 2008 at 09:52:22 AM PST

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