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View Diary: Dear Gov. Dean: Act Now to Protect Our Votes (23 comments)

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    As a physician myself,who attended the same medical school as Dr. Dean, I have enormous respect for his medical training. As to his being all over the issue of suppressing the vote, please explain to me why there are such long lines of people attempting to do early voting? The Democratic Party needs to be all over this before the election, because those of us who remember the long lines in OH on the night of Nov. 2, 2004, are not about to keep silent on how easy it is to frustrate voters from voting by keeping them in the rain, heat, snow, or whatever. So please convince me I am wrong. For physicians, the most important thing to do is to prevent illness or injury, and right now the body politic is in grave danger.

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      Contacting the Obama campaign or Dr. Dean at this point in the process is a little like telling a patient who is in the middle of a massive coronary that what he needs to do is lose weight, start a regular exercise program, and quit smoking. All true, but this is not the time.

      Either they are prepared to protect the vote or they aren't. If they aren't, I can assure you that it's too late to do anything useful about it now. Either the patient survives or dies on the table. If he survives...then take this issue up next year and, as you would do in adopting any healthy lifestyle regimen, stick with it diligently, and perhaps we will do better in 2012.

      If the patient dies this year, it will be because most Dems ignored the issue for the past four years. This riding in on a white charger, blowing the trumpet, and all in up in arms at the last minute just ticks off those of us who have made this our top priority for years now, with precious little help and often much scorn.  Moreover, many of us have watched this cycle repeat itself for more than one turn now.

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        For the record, the signatories to this request have been demanding for the past four years that the Democratic Party pay attention to these issues. Now it may be the case that you have been working on Election Protection as well, but I guess our paths have never crossed.And frankly, I am not wanting to continue this type of conversation if all you are going to do is snipe at what is a very real issue. And it is not too late for the Party to demand that early voting centers have extended  hours. I am not willing to wait another four years to see if democracy can survive on life support.

        •  I BEG YOUR PARDON!?!?! (0+ / 0-)

          all you are going to do is snipe at what is a very real issue

          Quote me the line where I sniped at this issue or apologize. Right now.

          •  It all looked like a snipe to me. eom (0+ / 0-)
            •  Nice try. (0+ / 0-)

              Nice effort at dodging the question, but it won't fly.

              Are you literate? Do you comprehend syntax and semantics? Sentences and paragraphs are not visuals that "look like" one thing or another. They are logical constructs with actual meaning. At least, to most of us. If you can comprehend the meaning of a sentence or a phrase, you should be able to point out one where I sniped at the issue. Are you up to that or not?

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