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    When I was a senior in high school, the Berlin Wall was coming down and I did a piece where I asked students what they thought about it. "Man on the street" stuff.

    Basically, it was an excuse to talk to pretty girls. I talked to one girl and when I asked her what she thought about it, she said, "What wall?"

    The Berlin Wall. Coming down. Thoughts? Feelings?

    "What's the Berlin Wall?"

    Ummm...big concrete wall? In Berlin? Seperates East German from West Germany? Commies vs. Capitalists? Good Guys vs. Bad Guys?

    "Oh. Which side are we on?"

    That was when I began to doubt the value of "Man on the Street" features. Anything more complex than "What's your favorite color?" is usually too tough. Too much "Gotcha Journalism."

    The one good thing about that feature was meeting a very cute foreign exchange student from Berlin. And she wasn't a flipping idiot. And was single. So, it had a happy ending.

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