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View Diary: Dole Slips in Polls Again After Godless Ad Hits Hagan (224 comments)

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  •  Wrong. (0+ / 0-)

    Stating "There is no god" is equivalent to stating one's belief in god. I do not begrudge anybody the right to voice what they believe.

    Trying to pressure nonbelievers into "admitting" that there might be a god is proselytizing. I have not seen any atheists in the Hagan/Dole threads do this.

    •  I understand your first statement (0+ / 0-)

      and believe you when you say people have the right to state their belief.

      But i do not understand you calling me out, ("Stop trying to proselytize people")

      Please...i hardly preached a sermon to him or anyone here. I simply asked a question. Last time i checked, in an intelligent society asking questions is still a good thing. You and i have both come to hold the opinions we have today on all sorts of issues because of questions we have asked others and they have asked of us. And i'm sure you like me have changed your mind a time or two because our belief on something, (religion, politics,etc...)was challenged by a question that made us think. But if after we have thought it through and searched it out honestly and we then hold to our same conclusion...then the question has only made us stronger.

      If we stop asking questions, we stop getting answers...and that can not be a good thing.

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