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    I'd disagree. As Nature notes, McCain has taken a good stand on Global Warming. But apart from that, his science policy is pretty lackluster.

    It's a bit like his Economic policy.. he's got a few ideas, but nothing like a well-thought out, comprehensive plan. It's just yet another area that McCain just doesn't seem to find very interesting.

    McCain is happy to say 'more science'. But then he talks about spending freezes - leaving you wondering where the money for science is supposed to come from. And his opposition to earmarks play into it as well. Like his idiotic and repeated maligning of a planetarium as a '$3 million overhead projector' and Palin's ridiculing of fruit fly research. (a field which has been immensely important to genetics)

    I don't think they're really taking that big a risk. Nature is a European journal. And the people who decide where the money goes.. committees at the NIH and similar, are pretty far down the ladder from the White House. I doubt McCain would (or could afford) be that petty. Palin obviously isn't (Troopergate) but McCain?

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