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View Diary: ID-01: CQ Shocker--The Race is a Toss Up (43 comments)

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  •  Wow. That's fantastic! (0+ / 0-)

    And couldn't happen to a worse person than Bill Sali!

    This does tend to amplify, though, what a disappointment Larry LaRocco has been. This is the slightly (and I emphasize VERY slightly) more progressive of the two Idaho CD's, but it's pretty close. To think that Minnick might win while LaRocco gets crushed by 20 points is quite jarring.

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      LaRocco is only 10-12 points behind.  Risch had a headstart as a quasi-incumbent and has never done anything quite so embarrasing as Sali.  People in Idaho just check the R next to the name.  Holmes, on the other hand, is losing by about 20-30 points against Simpson.  I should clarify that Minnick and Sali are running for CD1, Holmes and Simpson are running for CD2, and LaRocco and Risch are running for Senate.

      Risch sucks ass, too.  He didn't even show up for the debate last night, and he'll still win.  You should have seen the rightwing nuts LaRocco had to stand on stage with, nutwing globalwarming deniers all of them.  they're all running about 2-3 points in the polls.  A libertarian, an independent who is running out of vendetta against Risch, and a guy who literally changed his name to 'Pro-Life' so that it would appear 'Pro-Life' on the ballot.  What a fucking psycho!  He thinks that people who drive women to abortion clinics(he called them baby murdering shops) should be charged accessory to murder.

      Just sucks for LaRocco. A catch-22.  If he doesn't go to the debate he can't call out Risch for not showing up, but if he does go he has to stand on the stage with these nutjobs, thereby further legitimizing there nutjob views.  Buncha frickin' psychopaths they are.  Well, Pro-Life was the worst of them, really, but it bugs me when everyone thinks they can solve all of our problems through free-market principles.  Oh, and they all hate mexicans.  Oh, and the public education system is communist.

      I love Idaho.  But sometimes I hate 60 percent of the people in it.

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