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View Diary: Bush says Civil Unions are 'ok' (187 comments)

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  •  Proposed Kerry Response (none)
    Not that it'll happen, but...

    "I am pleased that President has been able to change his position on this issue.  Again.  cough*flip/flop*cough  I am curious as to why he only ever supports the rights of states during Presidential campaigns, however, but I am certain that our entire nation will want to hear that the President has come out against denying rights to American families.  Given that we are in agreement on the issue of recognizing relationships involving gays and lesbians, I hope we can move forward to more important matters."

    Somehow, though, I think the press will instead find a way to talk about Mary Cheney's "problem".

    •  I'm sorry to say this... (none)
      But politically speaking with the election next week...Kerry should not touch the issue - at all.  

      In the eyes of many, it is a "philosophical debate", which splits people down the middle.  

      Kerry has more to gain by staying focused on Bush's actual record, Iraq, and every other mess he has made.  

      You are just going to have to trust that President Kerry will do right by you (ie, no pushing for Constitutional Amendments).

      The issue of gay marriage is nothing but a win-win for Bush.  They have wanted this election to be about Gay Marriage from day one, because it helps them.  

      •  Kerry shouldn't touch it, but glbt leaders should (none)
        What Bush said can be used to reframe the entire issue of extending civil marriage to gays and lesbians.

        The BLBT community should be all over Bush's statement - saying it's good but not good enough.

        This is the chance to reframe the issue as one about rights and not morals - using Bush's words.

        Why bush's Statement on gay and lesbian civil unions is great news.

        •  No man - we need to be united here. (none)
          We need this election to be a referendum about Bush and his record, not Gay Rights.  

          It if is about Gay Rights, you have an even split, and the portion of the population that is not gay will really not be that motivated to vote against Bush here.  

          The race needs to be about our kids, our money, our future's, our civil rights across the board (gays too) going down the tubes with this guy.  

          A Gay Marriage election is a loser issue for Kerry - why do you think they have been pushing it so hard?  

          •  Dude... (none)
            family protections, even in the form of civil union rather than marriage, ARE about MY kids, MY money and MY future.

            In order to make up the swing voters who may move to Bush over his 'moderation', we need to use this to suppress evangelicals by moving them to whatever wingnut is on their ballot.

            I'll be flyering this vital information for the Constitution Party at the mega-churches Wed. evening services. Who's in?

            Bush/Cheney '04: Don't change horsemen in the middle of an apocalypse!

            by PhoenixRising on Tue Oct 26, 2004 at 10:48:20 AM PDT

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          •  But... (none)
            Now its both of their issues.  Bush has come out to say he supports Kerry's position and what has been Kerry's position all along.  IF the issue is a loser for Kerry, it should be noted that Bush has now taken that same position.  Kerry shouldn't dwell on it, but acknowledging it as an off-the-table issue could deflate the single-issue folks who were going to support Bush to support "traditional" marriage.  Bush has used this as a campaign wedge and now he wants to have it both ways.  No way should he get away with that.  Everyone he's tried to scare into supporting him over gay rights should know that the President and John Kerry are in agreement.

            As are President Bush in 2004 and Governor Bush in 2000.  I wonder if he's back to being opposed to nation building and supporting a patient's bill of rights again.

          •  We can be united and still use victory (none)
            Kerry can say nothing, and GLBT leaders can not focus on this

            Gay rights leaders can declare a huge victory and reframing of the issue - and then stick to the new frame

            Gay rights leaders can declare victory without linking it to the election directly


            I think that it is a mistake to use this against Bush.  Progressives should simply celebrate that the issue of civil marriage for gays is now about civil rights and not something else.

      •  But how does it help them... (none)
        ...for Bush to alienate his Bible-thumper base and possibly motivate them to stay home Tuesday?

        BUSH -- So Wrong, and Yet So Reich !

        by perryNYC on Wed Oct 27, 2004 at 12:01:14 PM PDT

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