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  •  Be careful - this is a trap (4.00)
    Bush is not stupid in the political sense, friends.  He is a long view idiot, but in political calculations, that is one of the precious few things he is very good at.

    Consider this - gay marriage is a wedge issue forced upon us by the Republicans to take away any and all focus on other matters, namely a failed record.  

    IT does not matter now what Bush says or what side he takes, he just has to make it an issue as it stirs people up without a review of his record.  

    So, not only is it disengenuous (consider that no way does the new Jr. Senator from Texas John Cornyn make his big schpeel about box turtles without WH input), but it is also calculated to draw fire away from some glaring problems.  

    They let the terrorists walk away with explosives that are now being used to kill our guys.  

    •  But one Kerry can exploit if he's careful. (none)
      I agree, agree, agree on it being a trap.  I disagree on Bush being any good at anything, but I think his handlers laid a good land mine here for exactly the reasons you outlined.

      Kerry can use it if he can link it to his own themes.  It's great intro material.

      He can use it to highlite the chimp's already low credability marks, dent the 'straight talking' meme (ooh, kind of a pun there :)), and quickly link it to other topics, especially failure to secure stockpiles in Iraq.

      The answer is November 2nd; Phrase your question carefully

      by nullspace on Tue Oct 26, 2004 at 10:31:54 AM PDT

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      •  Well said (none)
        But I stand by the statement of Bush's political cunning.  In Texas, when he as gov, he pulled a very similar move just before the election on the issue of a nuke dump.  He sided against the dump and made much political capital from it...

        (...only later did we realize that his buddies had invested in a competing site elsewhere).  

    •  Regardless, it's good for gay and lesbian rights (none)
      I am amazed that this is only being viewed from tactical framework within the narrow confines of the election.

      What about the shift that this can make in a major issue that affects part of the Democratic base?  

      I think it is best to celebrate this, and to use it to further extending civil marriage to gays and lesbains, than to bury it for the election.

      Why bush's Statement on gay and lesbian civil unions is great news.

      •  This is good for gays (4.00)
        and it's good for Kerry.

        Let's let the extreme right attack the far right about this--and stay above the fray. All Kerry needs to do is say, "Well, I agree with the President's new position, I applaud him for changing his mind on this important issue, and I look forward to his steady leadership in rewriting the Republican Platform. Now, where are those explosives again?"

        And watch the loathsome loathers shriek. The thing is, we know Bush is bullshitting. (And it's friggin' terrific that he's bullshitting like this--civil rights for gays will happen, and soon, bless all that is holy.) But the wingnuts--and follow me closely, here--actually believe him when he talks! I know, it's hard to imagine. But they do. They believe what they read and what they hear: that's why they are the way they are. They can't think, "Oh, the Great and Shining Bush is only saying that, he doesn't mean anything!" They can't. We know it's true--of course it's true--but them? No. Impossible.

        Finally, even if they could think Bush was playing politics, the very notion of gay rights is poison to them. Simply mentioning the idea acknowledges that gays are human and have rights: anathema. These people are passionate about--obsessed with--the genitalia of millions of people they will never meet and who wouldn't sleep with them on a dare; now, that's not so bizarre to me--as a straight man, I'm obsessed with the genitalia of tens of millions of people I'll never meet who wouldn't sleep with me on a dare. But they have transformed their obsession into the cornerstone of a religious and political movevement. I've transformed mine into a resolution to lose ten pounds. Something is not right with them. They do not hear this statement and think 'oh, politics.' They hear this statement and think: "Roving packs of mustachioed homersexuals are going to fondle my buttocks and MAKE ME ENJOY IT! Save me! Save me!"

        Hm. A little incoherent at the end, there. Oops. But you get the idea.

        •  Absolutely right (none)
          Don't fan the wrong flames (and I'm in a gay family)...this is about all our rights, but more so it's about saving this country from it's worst possible political elements.

          Thank God the country's "apathetic" seem to be waking up.

          Last night at Safeway a young African American woman in the check-out line saw my Kerry-Edwards button on, and she said, "Yeah!  Kerry--I hope he wins!"

          I said, "Are you registered to vote?"  She said, "You better believe it!"  I replied, "Thank God, do you think young people are going to vote this year?"  She is 18.

          She said, "Oh my God, EVERYONE I know, all my friends, all my family, and everyone--even people who don't usually follow politics, they're all so excited to vote for John Kerry!"

          I was SO warmed and moved.  I damn near cried.  But, I maintained,  smiled a lot on the way out of the store.  This is in VA, folks!


      •  in all likelihood... (none)
        ...this will be buried after the election, esp. in the unlikely event of a Bush win.

        It's a big masquerade, and right now Bush is putting on the mask of a moderate political progressive in the hopes of securing a few undecideds.  But we saw him put on the "compassionate conservative" mask in 2000, and we know what happened there.  We saw the "concerned for social security" mask in 2000, after which he burned through the lockbox in no time flat.

        It would be nice to think Bush's statements could actually be used to extend the rights of those in civil unions and/or marriages, but from his record, it's pretty obvious that this is nothing more than lip service.

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