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  •  Pollsters should be licensed (1+ / 0-)
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    And anyone who goes on TV or writes up an analysis or blogs citing single day data from a multi-day tracker should lose his/her license.  This defies the very meaning of a tracker.  I have no problem giving single day toplines so those so inclined can do some math, but no serious analyst should make anything of those results.  I work in market research for a Fortune top 20 company (OK, maybe top 30 now) - my internal clients are always asking for "interim data", which I refuse to give them.  If it was appropriate to look at interim results, I would have set that as the sample size and saved us a lot of money.  These are basic principles of polling and market research.  The pollsters willing to violate those principles are after publicity or fudging results for their clients - and should not be trusted.

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