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View Diary: Final PA numbers and why John McCain is losing. (57 comments)

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  •  why mccain goes after PA: (2+ / 0-)

    i'm guessing; i have no inside information:

    1. on the weekend of the 18/19th the mccain campaign looked at its internal polls and saw itself, say,  5 points down in CO and VA, 8 points down in MN and WI, and 9 points down in IO and NM.  apparently PA's numbers didn't look worse than those; their stats guy was talking about that somewhere with some glee.  and so they decided to go after one big state instead of all the others.  remember that they're also financially strapped.  it's something of a hail mary pass -- chances are you won't make it, but you're gonna give it your best shot.
    1. the race card.  i was convinced from the very start that the reverend wright would make a reappearance, if not directly from the campaign, then from faithful 527s.  well, that card doesn't play as well in the midwest and mountain states, but it might play just fine again in certain rural areas in the east.  SW PA and SE OH are part of that demographic.
    1. maybe part of the plan was to emote confidence, not being outmaneuvred by the obama campaign, appearing to have a secret ace in their pocket, being "mavericky" so they wouldn't bleed off even more disillusioned republicans.

    mccain's strategy was seriously fucked much earlier; PA was actually the most rational choice at the time, i think.

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