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  •  These People Must Go To Jail. Period. (4.00)
    No more kid glove treatment for these thugs.  This behavior cannot be allowed to occur in this country any longer.  It is anti-american.  What kind of America are we trying to protect in this WOT anyway?

    "Reality" is the only word in the English language that should always be used in quotes.

    by LionelEHutz on Tue Oct 26, 2004 at 12:32:33 PM PDT

    •  vomit (none)
      This news makes me want to vomit.  What must the non-white soldiers in Iraq think of this?   They are supposed to be over their protecting us and our democratic way of life, and now the GOP is doing everything in its power to prevent their relatives from voting.  Its sick.
      And now we also see that the GOP wants to weaken provisions of the voting rights act?   How long do you think it is going to be before old fashioned literacy tests come back.
      •  re: vomit (none)
        Forget non-white soldiers...try ALL SOLDIERS!
        •  there are too many scandals (none)
          to keep track of!!!  my head is spinning!

          1.  GOTV!!!  These people can't be punished if they are still in power.

          2.  If you can't volunteer, help someone who can htt:/

          3.  We've got too many scandals & I think we're going to lose focus & do things haphazardly.  

          If we don't organize the scandals & get people to lead those specific issues, I think we'll end fizzling out & losing our message.

          i think we need leadership in this ...KOS?

          Recession means that people's incomes, at the employer level, are going down, basically, relative to costs, people are getting laid off. Bush

          by krazypuppy on Tue Oct 26, 2004 at 01:02:27 PM PDT

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      •  Literacy Tests (none)

         Well, Literacy Tests would probably knock out about as much of the GOP base as they would the Democratic base:  even IF all the McMansion Right or "country club Republicans" (or wannabes) voted 100% GOP (and they don't), the GOP would only get about 15-20% of the electorate, IMHO.

         No, they need the ignorant, redneck, voting-against-their-own-interests, Republicans to vote GOP in order to stay a "National Party."  What percentage of these people can even find Iraq on a map, let alone engage in a rational discussion of geo-politics and the ramifications of invading a Mid East country at the very time we need to get Arabs and Muslims on our team and not Al Qaida's?

         So, I don't think literacy tests are coming any time soon . . .


        •  Depends on who's administering the literacy test (none)
          A "properly" administered literacy test would benefit Kerry, given that he is ahead among people with a BA or better and behind among people who are less than a BA.  But there was never any such thing as a properly administered test under Jim Crow.  As I understand it, County Registrars would strictly administer the test to people they didn't want to vote (e.g. black people, hillbillies, known liberals etc., in other words anyone who couldn't be counted on to like Strom Thurmond-types) and skip it or give hints for those they wanted to vote (cud-chewin' middle-class white good ole' boys).  Imagine a literacy test in the hands of the kind of local officials you have now in the South with the Gingrich/Bush takeover.  The Al Gore Sr./Ralph Yarborough generation is long gone -- now they'd just stuff the test full of really obscure Bible questions and give the known fundigelicals a free pass just to make sure.
          •  I was really just being... (none)

            ...facetious to make a point:  rednecks-for-Bush are pretty dern dumb.  But all of your points are spot-on.

             Also, unless you've copyrighted it, I'm going to be using the term "fundigelicals" a whole lot from this point on.  That's great.


        •  Tell me about it (none)
          I grew up in the southwestern part of Virginia.  The stereotypical welfare queen where I grew up was definitely a Republican.  The accent is so bad you can't do a decent parody.  I regret ever living there.  It has gotten better, but those people I grew up with still live there.
          •  I'm a native of The Old Dominion (none)
              myself, and my dear grandmother was a Jackson from your neck of the woods.  I always entertain the conceit that I'm a descendent of Stonewall...  Oh, and I'm from the opposite corner:  North-east (or, as everybody just says:  Northern).

              Got a cousin who lives in "the valley" near Harrisonburg.  Insurance guy.  Big wig in his company now (and, btw, a big DEMOCRAT! surprisingly enough, given his occupation), but used to ride the circuit a lot visiting clients.  He used to tell me, in his first couple of years, "Ben [not my real name], man, sometimes I'd go in those hollers, and then back further up into those hollers, not more than 10 or 15 miles from where I grew up, but places I'd NEVER been to before, and I'd be thinking to myself, 'man, if anybody around here wanted to kill me and dispose of the body, ain't no way anybody'd ever find out what happened to me.'  It's isolated in those Virginia hollers!"  

             We'd laugh about that and I'd buy another round.  Anyway, your little remembrance brought that back to me.

             Take care.



    •  But (none)
      Florida law allows political party operatives inside polling stations to stop voters from obtaining a ballot.

      And "challenging" is legal, though challenging based on race is not. The claim that the list is compiled based on "return to sender, addressee not known" mailings, if true (and they can provide such documents), gives them the full right to challenge.

      My problem with the whole thing is the #$@# allowing of political party operatives into the polling stations in the first place.

      You'd think for national elections we could have non-invasive polling stations.

      •  Yeah, but remember (none)
        it's Florida we're talking about where they set out purposefully to write the most idiotic, underhanded and biased election laws in the country.

        Others states are bad too, and Florida is under a microscope, but you're right, letting them in is just fucking crazy.

        "Quit covering up your lies with half-truths and gorilla dust!" - Bill McNeil (Phil as Bill)

        by The Free Man on Tue Oct 26, 2004 at 12:54:26 PM PDT

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      •  Back in 2000... (none)
        ...Wasn't it mainly Republicans complaining that early reports of election returns in Florida might have discouraged turnout in the Panhandle, in the final minutes of voting?

        Even if polling place challenges are legal, which tactic has the greater chance of frustrating votes?

    •  Jail is MUCH too good for them (none)
      Remember they are pissing on our democracy and the freedoms that Jefferson, Franklin, Hamilton, Washington, Henry, et al fought and gave their lives for.

      It is treason pure and simple and these fuckers should be hung.....slowly.

      "Quit covering up your lies with half-truths and gorilla dust!" - Bill McNeil (Phil as Bill)

      by The Free Man on Tue Oct 26, 2004 at 12:56:17 PM PDT

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    •  Here come the Presidential pardons... (none)
      Wait until after the election.  If you manage to steal it, all is well.  If you lose, everyone gets indicted, charged, convicted and pardoned within 2 it comes.
    •  What is this doing as an "update?!?!" (none)
      This should be its own entry.  Shit, we've got a list of voters they want to purge and kos tosses it in like its a another meaningless poll with a MOE higher than the difference.

      Christ, sometimes I think people are trying to lose this thing.

      Meanwhile, I'm sending this to the media like gangbusters.

      Also, check out staffer Don Povia, he wants to bang the twins! Hahahha. Priceless!

    •  Abraham Lincoln (none)
      must be spinning in his grave.  Whenever any Bushite refers to the Republicans as "the party of Lincoln," his estate should sue for slander.

      "The state has no place in the bedrooms of the nation." - Pierre Trudeau

      by fishhead on Tue Oct 26, 2004 at 04:45:19 PM PDT

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