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  •  Washintgon Post Ohio article has excellent (none)
    points inside the article.  Including, the GOP claims that "there are more voters registered than census figures say live in Franklin County" can easily be countered by one simple provision--the National Voter Registration Act, which makes it prohibited to take an inactive voter off the voter roles until four years after they have not voted--mostly people who have moved and not notified the Electoral Board.

    Duh...creepy Republicans....but even MORE concerning is their outright and transparent plan to stage thousands and thousands of "poll watchers" inside the polls with the SPECIFIC purpose of STOPPING "questionable" voters from being able to cast a ballot!!

    These people are right-stripping, law-breaking zealots and they are completely outright upfront about it.

    This out to give serious pause to ANY objective person who cares about the state of our democracy, Repuglican or Democrat.

    WE MUST KICK ASS in the election.  That'll shut those totalitarianistas up.

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