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  •  Plenty We Can Do About It (none)
    Don't assume for a minute there's nothing they can do about this.

    While it's reasonable to assume this is going on at a much larger scale, in Jacksonville, Florida we can quite literally put a face on the problem.  So there are several things we can do immediately:

    • Write editors in newspapers nationally, but particularly in swing states.  Stress that the GOP is willing to disenfranchise not just people of color, but even service people as well

    • See if we can get some of the newspapers and TV stations to cover this.  Since we have the names of people that are targetted, they can be interviewed.  Since most of the intended victims won't know about this, they will be rightly and righteously angry, which will film very nicely, thank you.

    • Make the story easier to cover by coordinating with K/E people in the Jacksonville area to make sure we have press releases that point reporters to people who they can interview about the story

    The GOP is doing an evil thing here, and it's pretty reasonable we make them pay as high a price for it as possible.
    •  How 'bout contacting the voters on that list (none)
      It's right there, as an attachment in the e-mail, the list and addresses of the voters their going to target.  Any readers live in Jacksonville want to thumb through the telephone book?  Make a crazy call and explain?

      If I was on that list, I'd be calling the ACLU.

    •  I'm working on it (none)
      I spent a while on the phone with the good people at Duval County Democratic Headquarters.

      They know about the BBC article (it's circulating in the building) and I suspect they will do something with it.  As soon as I know what it is, or as soon as there's a press release to post, I'll make sure it gets posted up here.


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