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  •  Depends on who's administering the literacy test (none)
    A "properly" administered literacy test would benefit Kerry, given that he is ahead among people with a BA or better and behind among people who are less than a BA.  But there was never any such thing as a properly administered test under Jim Crow.  As I understand it, County Registrars would strictly administer the test to people they didn't want to vote (e.g. black people, hillbillies, known liberals etc., in other words anyone who couldn't be counted on to like Strom Thurmond-types) and skip it or give hints for those they wanted to vote (cud-chewin' middle-class white good ole' boys).  Imagine a literacy test in the hands of the kind of local officials you have now in the South with the Gingrich/Bush takeover.  The Al Gore Sr./Ralph Yarborough generation is long gone -- now they'd just stuff the test full of really obscure Bible questions and give the known fundigelicals a free pass just to make sure.
    •  I was really just being... (none)

      ...facetious to make a point:  rednecks-for-Bush are pretty dern dumb.  But all of your points are spot-on.

       Also, unless you've copyrighted it, I'm going to be using the term "fundigelicals" a whole lot from this point on.  That's great.


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