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  •  Florida too? oye oye oye (none)
    posted this comment on saturday with regards to their plans in Ohio.........Look,Its pretty clear to anyone really paying attention that Rove &  co. see the writing on the wall.Make no mistake about it: These Fuckers are going to try and steal the election..Heres what I think they are going to do. First ,they will make a big splash in the media ( notice Gillespie on tv this am) about Democrats in Ohio registering inelligable voters.They will say over and over again that thay just want to make sure everybodys vote counts equally.Gillespie said this morning that he was gravely concerned about peoples legitimate votes being countered by democrats voting three or four times.(what he was really saying is we dont want black folks votes to count as much as white folks vote)They will concoct this narrative in the media and use it it as justification for voter harrassment in urban Ohio.I dont think their objective here is to discount voters as much as it is a strategy designed to make voting a royal pain in the ass by creating enormous lines that discourage people from voting.I guarantee we will be hearing about dishonest democrats all week..WE MUST SOMEHOW COUNTER THIESE DESPICABLE ACTIONS
    •  POCK FACE (none)
      Dont look for the media to help us out on this as it appears that at least some of the scribes are complicit in the GOP strategy..Did anyone else (yesterday) hear, just before the rally in Philly that pock faced Andrea Mitchell say the Democrats have managed to register thousands of dead voters? In case your wondering she said this before she estimated the croud at "several hundred"

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