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  •  I'm a native of The Old Dominion (none)
      myself, and my dear grandmother was a Jackson from your neck of the woods.  I always entertain the conceit that I'm a descendent of Stonewall...  Oh, and I'm from the opposite corner:  North-east (or, as everybody just says:  Northern).

      Got a cousin who lives in "the valley" near Harrisonburg.  Insurance guy.  Big wig in his company now (and, btw, a big DEMOCRAT! surprisingly enough, given his occupation), but used to ride the circuit a lot visiting clients.  He used to tell me, in his first couple of years, "Ben [not my real name], man, sometimes I'd go in those hollers, and then back further up into those hollers, not more than 10 or 15 miles from where I grew up, but places I'd NEVER been to before, and I'd be thinking to myself, 'man, if anybody around here wanted to kill me and dispose of the body, ain't no way anybody'd ever find out what happened to me.'  It's isolated in those Virginia hollers!"  

     We'd laugh about that and I'd buy another round.  Anyway, your little remembrance brought that back to me.

     Take care.



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