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    Other people may have to stand in line to vote.  

    Some soldiers in combat zones may not get to vote at all.  Well as John McCain would say, "I didn't get to vote when I was a POW."  I didn't get to vote either and I wasn't a POW.  I was too young.

    In Westernville there have never been more than 3 or 4 people in our line to vote in any election.  There is almost always a bake sale going on.  Never been asked for an ID.

    For Town elections we almost never vote.  We would get our choice of one Republican.  There is never any paper in the machine for a write-in vote.

    Once I did wait.  Just once.  Years ago.  A little old lady much more courageous than I complained very loudly she couldn't reach the slot which you had to push to write in a name.  They found her a stool to stand on.  Then she said there was no paper.  Nobody had thought of that.  The election officials had to call for help.  Took a while.  Long while.  

    A Polish fellow was running a write-in campaign for the school board.  Wish I had known.  But nobody much knew.  Damn that was a hard name to remember.  I guess that's why the paper never bothered to mention it.  Not enough room in that scandal sheet unless he had been arrested or something.

    So we can go down and have a cookie and maybe have to wait a minute or two while it would have been hours and hours probably if we still lived in St. Louis.

    Not so bad living in the country unless you have a hankering to vote for a Democrat.

    I won't be doing that.

    You see in Westernville we have lots of choices.  We can vote for a Conservative or a Socialist (maybe 2 or 3 kinds of Socialists), a Populist (Nader), a Green, a Libertarian, a Communist or who knows what all.

    I vote for Working Party candidates.  They nearly always happen to be Democrats but that's all right.  It's still a free country mostly.

    Those upset I don't vote for Democrats can go to hell.  I don't care if some people here don't like liberals who vote for Working Party candidates.

    Thank you anyway for making it easy to vote.

    Wish those soldiers could vote.  But they would most likely vote for the Democrats. Still I wish they could vote.  Republicans still get to vote even though they are going the way of the Whigs.  
    They have elected their last president.

    Best,  Terry  

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