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    I think the question of the day would be about the type of leadership each brings to the table...Mccain talks about 'fighting' just like hillary did---that brought out the low information, disappointed, frustrated, voter that has little verbigage to counter attacks or injustice!!! The 'little guy' mentality..rarely anything but divide and conquer...No team work and little TRUST!  Mccain realizes that there is no 'I' in he will lead as he sees best--without consideration of the people or circumstances involved!
    Obama on the other had has fought through hardships but with education, understanding, and inclusion! He knows in the 21st Century that all must be included and part of the solution.  That is the difference .

    Mccain = 'I'  

    OBAMA= WE!

    DAVIS is on the 'I team'

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