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View Diary: Wow! New CBS Poll. Obama up 13, 54 to 41% over McCain (120 comments)

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  •  Why would undecideds break for McCain? (0+ / 0-)

    RCP favorability ratings:

    Obama Fav/Unfav: 56.8/37.2
    McCain Fav/Unfav: 50.2/42.7

    So there are undecideds out there who like both candidates (or neither...). It's hard for us to get perspective because we're very high info voters. But you must put yourself in the shoes of a low-info voter. They right now think of Obama as a nice guy who will try something different but worry that he is inexperienced. They think McCain is a war hero and has experience but worry that he will continue Bush's policies. They generally are worried about Palin. So I do not think undecideds will break by large margins either way. To think that is either propaganda or concern trolling.

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